Finding new targets in the fight against severe tropical diseases:

This aim unites the scientists of the LOEWE center DRUID (Novel Drug Targets against Poverty-related and Neglected Tropical Infectious Diseases). At two of the Hessian universities involved in DRUID and at the Paul Ehrlich Institute, new professorships or junior research groups have been created specifically for this purpose. Here you will get to know the people responsible behind these special DRUID projects. How do they work together, given that they are investigating very different pathogens? What do they personally want to achieve? And how do they assess the relevance of “neglected tropical diseases” – which, due to climate change, are no longer solely connected to the tropics?

Learn more about the research methods scientists use to look for potential weak points in viruses, worms and other parasites. And get insights into career paths in cell and molecular biology.

DRUID Junior Research Groups

DRUID Professorships